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For Many years my love for Fashion and Design with the attention to the smallest details has been extremely passionate.

Born and raised in South East London. A vibrant melting pot where different arts, cultures and trends mix. A young Denise adored weekend trips into central London with her mother just to window shop and admire the fashion selections in her favourite department stores, even as a child this was her dream playground.

"I have always felt you can express how you feel and who you are with your personal style, I love that you can find your tribe through your tastes in fashion".

"I imagine the M in Marsini to also stand for Movement, we all desire to get up and create the best version of ourselves and with Marsini I want to offer the most inspired and quality designs, to see our customers always looking fabulous in movement whilst wearing Marsini, that is the dream that makes the heart of this brand"

Denise Simon

Untitled from denise simon on Vimeo.